SG Initiatives

In the Spring 2016 semester, the RIT Dubai Student Government has taken on the following initiatives:

  • Coping with Sundays: a free coffee and tea station for all RIT Dubai students to help them kickstart the week every Sunday!
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Sundays: in an effort to make our campus more deaf-friendly, we are now offering free ASL classes in room 110. Join us during the common hour every week, and learn how to sign in ASL!
  • Speakers Series: a bi-weekly series where senior students Hazel Gamboa (SG Career Officer) and Sami Jouaneh (SG Senator) share their experience regarding topics that students want to hear about
  • Meet the SG: bi-weekly event where we hand feedback forms to students so that we can advocate for the changes that students want at RIT Dubai
  • Pawprints Dubai: based on Pawprints at RIT-NY, Pawprints Dubai is completely transparent online petition system for the RIT Dubai community
  • SG Toolbox: official guide for SG marketing tools that the RIT Dubai community can utilize